3 Ways To Stand Out From Your Competition With A Cartoon Logo

With millions of people getting started in the Network Marketing industry, how are you going to get noticed by your target market? The phrase, “You need to brand yourself”, has become a cliché. With everybody trying to brand themselves, what makes you original? This article will reveal three ways that you can easily stand out from your completion with your cartoon logo.

1. With Your Business Card- Just having your cartoon picture on your business card is not an original idea. What really makes your business card stand out is having your real photo next to your cartoon image.

Having both will do more to solidify your brand. Seeing your cartoon next to your real photo really brands YOU into your prospects mind more than either one individually. I have tested this out on my social media profiles. I attract ten times more attention when I have a combination of both images as my profile image. 4anime

Also, when you have a plain business card at networking events the likelihood of your business card being tossed in a stack with dozens of other business cards is 99 times out of 100.

This is a waste of money. You are just handing out a business card for the sake of looking like you are in business. When you have your cartoon picture next to your photo, people will remember you…especially if it is a quality logo.

2. Branded Polo Shirt- Having your cartoon image on a t-shirt is not going to really do much to brand YOU in your prospects and/or clients minds. On the other hand, having your cartoon image on a professional polo shirt will draw a lot of attention and comments.

It also lowers the automatic defense mechanisms that pop up when you start to talk about Network Marketing to your prospects.

When you can start a conversation with your prospect smiling and being humored, half of the battle is won. Your cartoon logo is not only a powerful branding tool, but it is an effective marketing tool also.


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