How Important Are Backlinks to SEO?

Most SEO guidelines always state that backlinks are crucial if a webmaster wants to see any success with SEO. Unfortunately, most of them do not go into details of explaining why you should pay special attention to backlink creation. That being said, the following is why the backlink issue in SEO guidelines is vital.

1. Better page ranks
Search engines award better page ranks to websites with many high quality backlinks. This in turn means that said websites get higher SERP ranks with the result of higher organic traffic levels. This is usually the boon that all webmasters long for since the success of the website will be virtually guaranteed. This is the reason why SEO guidelines say that you must work on getting high quality backlinks. Backlinks from link farms, spam blogs, new websites etc. will cause your site to get penalized or suspended from major search engines.

2. Better reputation
SEO guidelines insist that webmasters should double up their backlink creation efforts so that they start enjoying the benefits of positive reputations. Quality backlinks from high traffic sites will cause readers to associate your site with high quality information and therefore a solid reputation in the niche being serviced. While creating a positive reputation will take a long time, you’ll be able to enjoy very many benefits out of your work e.g. setting trends, information control etc. 백링크

3. Higher revenues
The reason most webmasters create websites is so as to diversify revenue sources, something that’s usually not mentioned in SEO guidelines. Creating high revenue sources is therefore a huge motivator for getting high quality backlinks. This is because a backlink from a high traffic related niche will bring you an influx of targeted traffic coming to your site for more useful information. These types of visitors tend to convert more easily because trust has already been built up in the site of origin. This therefore means that you should be advertising high quality products in a way that interests visitors without being aggressive.

4. Business relationships
SEO guidelines usually fail to state the fact that getting a backlink is a show of appreciation from that website’s admin. The fact that they liked your content enough to link to it means that they’ll be open to the idea of working with you on other business projects and therefore increasing your chances of online success. This therefore means that you should only direct ideas obtained in SEO guidelines towards sites you would like to work with.


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